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Delivering Future-proof Ecommerce Systems

Delivering Future-proof Ecommerce Systems

New Math Media is a systems integration company specializing in creating custom ecommerce systems for businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful, responsive websites that are easy to navigate and tightly bound to the business systems that you need to grow. 

New Math Media is owned and operated by Rob Clements out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has been delivering Information Technology and New Media projects for over 20 years, and specializes in helping small and medium sized business adopt systems that support their specific processes and are ready to grow with the business.

Systems Integration and the Low Code Approach

Today's cloud based systems allow organizations to expand and change rapidly - this comes at the cost of complexity. New Math Media can pull the pieces together into a whole and give you a complete picture of your business data and processes.

Using low code tools such as Zoho Creator and we can implement systems that support processes that are unique to your organization quickly and with lower costs.

Zoho One Implementation

Zoho One is a comprehensive yet extremely affordable set of cloud applications that allow a business to grow and adapt. If you have a business need, Zoho has a tool within Zoho One for it.

New Math Media has helped many and varied organizations implement Zoho One and expand those systems as their business demands. Our skills include in-depth knowledge of Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Creator, Analytics, Desk, Forms, Projects, Bookings, Sites, Vault, Notes. 

Project Management

Modern low code system approaches can lead to the temptation of implementing on the fly, as needs arise. This can work in the short term, but long term flexibility in systems requires structured planning and management.

We offer standards driven project management from managers certified with Prince2 and the Agile Alliance.


"Rob has been instrumental in helping us to build, support, and enhance our custom built Zoho instance. He listens to our needs, makes suggestions for fixes/improvements, is honest with what’s possible and what’s not, and pushes us to think outside the box to solve system problems. When I was hired to take on internal support, Rob spent the time to train me not just on how to do what was needed, but how to think about the requests I was given and partnered with me to support our team. He is a pleasure to work with."

Katie James
Senior IT Projects & Systems Manager, BBYO

"We tried several freelance Zoho developers before we came across Rob, and were immediately impressed with his responsiveness and efficiency. He asked the right questions to understand our needs, and then did the technical work well at a reasonable cost. For about ten years now, our small translation business has depended entirely on the Creator app that Rob made and maintains for us, and we recommend him highly."

Marco Hanson
Owner, Texan Translations

I have been utilizing Rob to code applications that I use in my business for approximately 2 years. I can state with no hesitation whatsoever that Rob is a tremendous, hardworking programmer. Not only does he understand our needs and complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner, but he is 100% dedicated to getting the job done to the satisfaction of the client. His ability to listen and communicate, and his attention to detail and timely response to questions, is quite impressive. 

Rob understands business processes and always has a great idea for moving a project forward and even approving upon it. I strongly recommend that you consider Rob for your programming and technical needs.

Arnie Gruskin, Attorney 

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Rob and New Math Media. I needed a new application for our document certification company. One of my favorite vendors had a great app on their site and once I asked them about it they highly recommended Rob. Boom! Rob was the best to work with. I’m not much for expressing myself efficiently and still Rob took my thoughts and ideas and produced exactly what I was looking for. You cannot go wrong with Rob and New Math Media.

Duane Hamilton 
Owner, Pro Courier Service